“Educating and informing the community on the Direct Support Professionals (DSP) workforce crisis; to promote positive actions which will enhance the quality of life for individuals with Developmental Disabilties. Will strengthen and unite our community, to lead positive change for individuals with Developmental Disabilities and the Direct Support Professionals supporting them.”

Mark Schlater

Board President, Bridge2Equality

Yes, we have been successful in our initial efforts to inform others of the DSP staffing crisis through the statewide rally in Columbus, use of social media releases, and meeting with state legislators.  Clearly, our Staffing Crisis Awareness efforts have made a difference as we are seeing unprecedented unity across Ohio from everyone involved in delivering and supporting individuals with DD. 

However, we have only just begun, in 2019 our voices must stay unified and strong to ensure legislative staff hears us.  With the new Governor, new pending Director of DD and pending approval of the new biennium state budget, now is the time to act!  We must continue the unity of one voice, one message in requesting legislative funding that will finally make a positive impact on the lives of individuals we jointly support and serve. 

In the upcoming New Year, we must now again pledge our continued and unwavering efforts to raise awareness of the staffing crisis and to bring others into this campaign.  We must support our DSP’s across Ohio and by doing so, we support individuals with DD, who often cannot express their concerns.  We must ensure individuals with DD are heard and have the same equal rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. 

In the near future please look for more updates and action steps from Bridge2Equality, we need your voice and support in 2019!

Have a blessed New Year!